Cultural Landmarks
Church of St. Frank from Assisi Roman Catholic Church of St. František from Assisi
- built in classicistic style during years 1803 - 1804. Interior characteristic feature is rich decoration. The altar paints are late baroque style.

Memory board for Karol Anton Medvecky
National actor, historian and ethnographer K.A. Medvecky acted in Detva as a catholic priest. He published his knowledge about Detva, art, and life of people in 1905 in the monograph Detva, which is the first Slovak monograph of any village (memory board on the southern wall of the Rome-catholic church).

Memory Board for Anton Prokop
Anton Prokop was executed in 1919 by soldiers of the Hungarian Republic (memory board on the southern side of the church).
Symbolic park with memory board
The park dedicated to the memory of the partisan troops, during the 2nd World War (Partizanska street).
Folk art exposition Folk art exposition Museum of Podpolanie
Regional Museum of Podpolanie, which was originally founded, as an initiative of local enthusiastic people in 1994. It was founded by the Authority of the town of Detva. Expositions and collections present the cultural heritage of Podpolanie. (Partizánska street, Detva).
Traditional House Traditional House from Detva
- brick house with wooden curved gate and solar motive on the gable, represents an example of folk-art architecture in Detva so-called "long houses", where lived several related families at once. Wooden curved gate comes from 1857, and it is a preserved example of "small architecture" in an earlier period of Detva.
Chapel at the Calvary
Chapel built in historical style from 1905 - 1908. Vagac's House
Family house of the Vagac's - founders of the first "bryndza" production place in Slovakia. In 1787 Jan Vagac, born in Stara Tura, found here the production place, of which products contributed to the credit of Detva, and became famous abroad, mainly in Austria and the USA.
wooden curved cross Wooden curved crosses
Crosses, nearby the roads, and grave crosses on the cemetery in Detva are masterpieces of the masters of Detva wood-curving (they were the base for creating the symbolic cemetery in High Tatras), and belong to the most interesting art expressions of this region. They are typical by their polychrome curving, with floral and geometric decorations. Presently, there is a revival of this kind of wood-curving.
Sculptures nearby the roads
St. Jan Nepomucky - folk-art sculpture on the southern side of the church, from the late baroque period (1768).
St. Florian - folk-art sculpture, late baroque, from the 18th century, situated on the cross-roads of Partizanska and Cintorinska streets.

Festival of Folk Art beneath Polana in Detva
This is one of the most interesting festivals in Slovakia, which has existed for four decades. Every year, during the secong week of July, Detva welcomes more than one thousand performers, folk-art musicians, dancers and singers mainly from different regions of Slovakia, and it becomes the place where thousands of visitors meet and can experience a return to traditional culture, through folk-art songs, dances, folk-art dresses, folk-art musical instruments, and hand-crafts. The celebration of the folk-art beneath Polana, is enriched every year with programs and meetings of foreign ensembles of Slovaks living abroad. Great scenic programs in the open-air amphitheatre, during three festival days, are supplemented with chamber programs, exhibitions, and accompanying events, immediately pulling the visitors right into the heart of the celebration. The fair of traditional hand-crafts near the amphitheatre is a part of the Festival of Folk Art beneath Polana. The event is organised by town of Detva.

Festival of Folk Art
Performances of the Festival of Folk Art beneath Polana
Souvenirs, folk-art products for sale

Detva folk-art (Partizanska street 75)
The souvenir shop sells fok-art products, home made, or from the workshops of folk-art masters of this region, mainly needle-work, products made out of wood, leather, wool, folk-art traditional costumes, etc. National exposition "Folk-art room in Detva" is also part of it.

"Parta" - Slovak folk-art (Zahradna street). Shop with folk-art products, mainly from the Podpolanie area, but also from other regions (musical instruments, products made out of wood, leather, metal, ceramics, straw and cron leaves). It manufactures and sells needle-work, and folk-art dresse. It will meet any specific requirements of customers.